Hannah Alexandra Smith

Hannah Smith

Hi! I am 3rd year Art History student,
 who has just completed her degree, having written my dissertation on the evolution of a British institution of art. That being said, I am interested in the curation and display of art within different contexts and the way this affects the meaning of the work. As an artist myself, I have a particular interest in fine ink drawing. I have also illustrated a poetry book which is awaiting publication. I look forward to exploring Venice and the Biennale and using my knowledge and skills as an art historian. Having taken a module in Venetian renaissance art, it will be a great experience to see the city first hand, and get a real sense of the historical sites and their influences within the fabric of the city. When not thinking about or looking at art I enjoy rowing, and am looking forward to seeing the gondoliers and waterways that run through the heart of the city.


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