Cailean Couldridge

Cailean CouldridgeI am currently studying for an MRes in Art History at the University of Nottingham, having completed my BA there in 2014. My MRes thesis is concerned with British artists who toured and exhibited in France during the period of the Bourbon Restoration (1814 ā€“ 1830), following the Napoleonic Wars. During the wars, travel had been prohibited as boarders remained closed, so many of these artists were exploring France for the first time. Preconceptions on both sides of the channel were put to the test.

I am mainly focused on European art of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, and have interests as diverse as Victorian society as well as Land Art of the 1960s and 70s. Photography is my other passion, and I shoot mainly on film cameras, as well as digital occasionally (on Instagram as Cailean_Couldridge).


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