Seetal Kalsi

Seetal Kalsi

Hi there! My name’s Seetal, nice to meet you! I’m 21 and have just finished my undergraduate degree in Ancient History at the University of Nottingham. Much of my degree was related to rulership and its’ shortfalls. For instance, my dissertation was on slavery in Sparta and primarily dealt with the class struggle between the Spartan master class and their subjugated classes with an emphasis on the role of the slaves in the Spartan economy. Marxist theory has already been applied to Sparta, and especially to her economic policy, by noted historians: de Ste. Croix and Paul Cartledge.  As Marxism is integral to the Biennale this year (Marx’s Das Kapital is being read live) I am hoping that my background in ancient history will contribute a (albeit significantly older) historical perspective to our blog. Outside of university, I have studied Fine Art at A-level and took life-drawing classes throughout my time at university. I also regularly visit art galleries and museums and aspire to a career in museum work.

I am currently based in London and this will be my very first time visiting Venice so I can’t wait! You can find daily updates/check I’m still alive on Instagram: seetal.k


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